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Energize CT—Programs funded by a charge on customer energy bills.

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"They set up an appointment at my convenience,                     and they were here exactly when they said they'd be."              —Veronica C., Litchfield  $565 in annual estimated savings

How Your In-Home Energy Service Works

Watch the video above and learn exactly what happens during your in-home energy service. 

When you participate in Home Energy SolutionsSM, certified technicians will come and perform a detailed energy assessment of your home. They will seal air leaks, upgrade lighting, install water-saving devices, and more.

For a one- time fee of $75, you'll receive: 

  • Approximately $1,000 in services
  • Detailed energy-saving recommendations tailored to your home
  • Rebates and financial incentives to help you save

On average, Connecticut households are saving $200 per year, and often even more. 

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The Governor of Connecticut has declared a state of emergency and governments, schools, businesses, and citizens are all taking action to limit interaction and spread of the virus. Connecticut's utilities have suspended any non-essential work and appointments that require a technician to enter a home or come in close, physical contact with other individuals. 

A virtual pre-assessment is now available.  Learn more at

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If you meet income eligibility requirements, you may receive these services and more at no cost. Call us at 1-877-WISE-USE to see if you qualify.